I think she’s real!

Thanks for all the advice from everyone. I almost “blew it” and scared her off. I was accusing her of catfishing and wanting money. I was acting like a detective questioning a suspect of a homicide. A complete A-hole!

I mean she was just too good to be true! Young and Beautiful. What did she want with me? Money? My social security number what? Then we both got mad and she blocked me on Twitter and so did I. That was it! She was pissed at me  and I was convinced her attentions were all wrong.  

Welp, two days went by and she sent me a text by accident. I knew it was for someone else so I replied “You text the wrong man” She replied “Don’t start! Your getting on my nerves” I text back: “I’m just letting you know you text the wrong person. Maybe it’s important. I don’t know??” that was followed by a 2 hour chat session.

Now we are both in-love again. For now anyway. We are going to start over and see how it goes. Now I’m no expert on this online stuff and meeting people. I can tell you this…I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a very long time!


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