Romance Online

Is it possible to find romance online? I suppose so. I think the odds are against us. Lonely people like me seeking love online put ourselves in a dangerous situation. We want love and are willing to do anything to get it. We become irrational and begin making decisions based on our emotions. If this happens there are just too many “predators” out there.

First of all let’s look at the odds. Am an old “Horse Player” and I love looking at odds. For starters we really don’t have a lot of data on online relationships. Yes we’ve all seen the commercials with the cute couples claiming they met their soul mate online. This is to get you to sign up for whatever site is being advertised. It’s a great story but lets look at the facts.

The odds of you meeting your soul mate online are higher then winning the state lottery. First of all, what are the odds of you meeting someone you like and are compatible with? Think about. There’s like 3 million or more people online. Now lets say for argument sake we only include people that really want to meet someone. Right off the bat that number is cut in half. Now, how many people just want a one night stand? I would say at least half of that number.

Next we only want to count the straight people looking for love. Are you with me? Now we want to narrow our search down to people we are compatible with. Yes! Age Does matter Ladies!

What could I possibly have in common with a woman 30 years younger than me? Other then sex? What do we talk about? and what man wouldn’t desire to be with younger woman to sleep with? Soft firm breasts. Smooth silky legs. But More importantly a vagina that actually gets wet! Cut that number in half again.

Now let’s eliminate all the people that don’t even live in the same state as you. Sure you can tell yourself love won’t get in the way of that, but I can tell you that’s a bunch of crap! Unless you have the the money and time away from your job it’s not going to work out. What do you do when they tell you I’m not leaving. I was fired. Then what? This is real life folks. It’s not a movie.

Next we need to weed out all the dishonest people? Men portraying women. Women portraying men. These predators are very good at what they do. You’ll swear you’ve found “the love of your life!

I spend a lot of time online and get interviewed by a a lot of women saying the same exact thing. “I’m looking for an honest man” “I was really hurt by my husband or boyfriend” “I just need a man that will love me for who I am”. Frankly I think they are all in the same union but that’s just me.

Your not going to find love swapping pictures, nudes, dick pics or whatever else you do online. I found the prettiest girl I’ve seen in 20 years. I would melt just looking at her pretty face. I began acting like a 15 year old in heat. I did some things that I’m just too embarrassed to admit.

The most important thing in a relationship is the “connection” and the sharing of one another other. To look into each others eyes and see them smile. The intimacy. The “connection”.

So what are the odds of meeting your soul mate online? I’d say 2.6 million to one.

That’s just my opinion…….I could be wrong


One thought on “Romance Online

  1. I was wondering how you were doing. My current boyfriend I met online, and we’ve been together for 4 years BUT, I don’t trust anyone online and it sounds like you figured that out, too. I was fortunate. But there are creepers out there – men and women. Don’t give up, but continue to be careful. I think you can find someone that you can love. I think focusing on soulmate might be a lot of expectation.


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