Finally Free of Windows!

After running  Windows OS on all of my machines since 1996 I finally said goodbye forever! I’m been installing and running windows since windows 3.1. I’ve had them all. Windows 3.1. (Not really an OS) Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Windows 7 Oh wait. I never installed or used Windows 8 cause it was junk. Recently Microsoft has tried to stuff windows 10 down my throat. I have had enough of this shit! So I formatted all my machines and installed Linux or one of the Ubuntu flavors on the really old machines. No more Windows. I’m free at last and I’m thrilled about it! Best think I’ve ever done. I really like Linux Mint Cinnamon. It runs great on my netbook 1.2ghz Atom processor. My other clunkers are Pentiums. I have found Linux Mint comes with everything I need for my office and more. So if you’ve had enough of the Microsoft Monopoly do not hesitate switching to the  Free of charge Linux, Debian or Ubuntu Operating systems.



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